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2009 Delsys Prize Winner

Delsys Inc. and the Delsys Prize Review Board Members are proud to award the
2009 Delsys Prize to:

Mr. Ryan E. Stafford of the University of Queensland for his work titled:

"A Novel Trans-Urethral Electrode to Record
EMG Activity of the Male Striated Urethral Sphincter"


The mechanism for continence in males is not completely understood. Until now, there has been no device
for researchers and health professionals to investigate the specific function of the striated muscles within the male pelvic floor during functional tasks and upright body positions. Here we describe a new trans-urethral surface electromyography (EMG) electrode which has the potential to dramatically increase our understanding of the function of these muscles in both healthy males and also in men with altered pelvic floor musculature, such as those who undergo radical prostatectomy. This may, in turn, help to shape new treatment protocols for post-prostatectomy incontinence, which is a major side effect of the most common form of treatment for the most common form of malignant cancer in men.

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Mr. Ryan E. Stafford

PhD Student
Centre for Clinical Research Excellence in Spinal Pain, Injury and Health, University of Queensland

A Review Board of 5 experts in the field of electromyography chose the winning proposal.

For his winning proposal, Mr. Stafford wins a complete Myomonitor IV, 16-Channel Wireless EMG System with EMGWorks® Software.

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