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Frequently Asked Questions

EMG Sensors
1) How does one verify the quality of an EMG signal?
2) How does one prepare the skin prior to recording with Delsys EMG sensors?
3) How should Delsys EMG sensors be cleaned?
4) What is the difference between the DE-2.1 Single Differential Sensor and the DE-3.1 Double Differential Sensor?
5) Is the DE-3.1 sensor available for the Myomonitor ™ wearable EMG systems?
6) Can I connect an EMG sensor not manufactured by Delsys to an EMG system manufactured by Delsys?
7) Can I use Delsys Sensors with amplifiers not manufactured by Delsys?
8) Can Delsys EMG Sensors measure skin impedance?
Equipment Use
1) Can I use Delsys Equipment inside MRI machines?
2) Can I use Delsys systems on animals?
3) The Bagnoli ™ Main Amplifier turns on but no signal is received. What are the possible causes?
4) Can I use stimulation equipment while recording with Delsys EMG equipment?
5) I have a PC and my own A/D card. Can I use this with Delsys equipment?
6) How can I integrate signals other than EMG into Myomonitor® devices?
7) The Myomonitor screen is on but the device never boots. What is the cause?
8) How is a 'Cold Reset' performed on the Myomonitor IV device?
EMGworks ®
1) Which A/D cards will function with EMGworks®?
2) The "LINE INTERFERENCE" and "HI LED" indicators turn on in EMGworks. What is the cause?
3) How can I read EMGworks raw data files in Matlab? What is the data file structure?
4) I have performed a calculation on my data and the resulting plot is blank. How can I display the traces?
5) I see varieties of files in the EMGworks workspace. Please explain the various types and their purpose.
6) The error message “Inappropriate input array size” appears when exporting data from EMGworks to Matlab. How is this resolved?
7) Myomonitor automatic network configuration does not work on my PC. What are the possible reasons?
8) How can I test my hardware connections outside of EMGworks?
9) I have a data set in which some channels are EMG data and some channels are goniometer data. I would like to perform a RMS on the EMG data and leave the goniometer data untouched.
10) I want to export my EMG data to Microsoft Excel, but Excel can only handle 65536 rows of data at a time.
11) Why does the data sampling frequency change when I do a windowed calculation?
12) How can I save my .emg or .emc data as a text file?
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