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Practicum on the Use of Surface EMG Signals in Movement Sciences (v1.5)


Surface Electromyography (sEMG) has undergone revitalization unparalleled since 1849, when Du Bois-Reymond blistered the skin on his hand and immersed it in a jar containing salt water to make an effective electrical contact with a galvanometer.

Today sEMG continues to illuminate our understanding of how the brain controls muscles to generate force and produce movement. New applications abound - such as training of Olympic athletes, controlling robots, assessing the motor performance of astronauts in space, monitoring the physical capabilities of patients with motor disorders, and decomposition of the sEMG signal to name a few - and are broadening the field of sEMG. This expanded sphere of influence has attracted a new breed of users who most likely have not benefited from a sound introduction to the field.  

This Practicum is intended for such individuals or any other curious individuals, who are interested in learning fundamental concepts and practical aspects of the use of sEMG signals. It may also benefit anyone who wishes to expand his/her knowledge of the field. It is not designed to replace formal teaching of the subjects. A general knowledge of motor physiology and human biomechanics will be useful, but is not essential.

The material is presented as a collection of slides accompanied by brief descriptions that expand on the content. The emphasis of the communication is placed on the visual format, and the content of the slides is simplified so as to convey the essence rather than the details of the message.

Carlo J De Luca
Boston, MA, USA
30 August 2007

Terms and Conditions:

A: Copyright: The material presented in the Practicum is the Intellectual Property of Professor Carlo J. De Luca, it has a copyright ©, and it is registered with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN 978-0-9798644-0-7).

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