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Electromyography. Encyclopedia of Medical Devices and Instrumentation

This paper provides a concentrated discussion of the origin and construct of the EMG signal. A model for the EMG signal is presented and discussed. Influences of physiological and anatomical factors are discussed and technical concepts for detecting and analyzing the EMG signal are described. Carlo J De Luca.

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(John G. Webster, Ed.) John Wiley Publisher, 98-109, 2006. Copyright© 2006 John G. Webster. "This material is used by permission of John Wiley & Sons, Inc."

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Surface Electromyography: Detection and Recording


Introduction to Concepts in Surface Electromyography. Topics include EMG signal and noise characteristics, EMG electrode design,  and EMG electrode placement. Carlo J. De Luca

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The Use of Surface Electromyography in Biomechanics

Muscle Amplitude

Wartenweiler Memorial Lecture (The International Society for Biomechanics) 5 July 1993, Carlo J. De Luca.

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Fundamental Concepts in SEMG Data Acquisition

Anit-Aliasing Graph

Introduction to basic concepts pertaining to the digitization of analog signals, with a focus on the EMG signal. Topics include: digital sampling theory, filtering, analog-to-digital converters, noise sources and remedies in SEMG recordings. Gianluca De Luca.


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Technical Notes

TN101 EMG Sensor Placement

Technical Note 101 - EMG Sensor Placement


TN102 EMG Signal Analysis

Technical Note 103 - EMG Signal Analysis



Technical Note 301 - Synchronization and Triggering

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