Technical Notes

Technical Note 101:

EMG Sensor Placement

This technical note addresses proper placement technique for Delsys Surface EMG Sensors. The technique is demonstrated through an experiment in which EMG data is recorded from several forearm muscles.

Technical Note 101
Technical Note 103:

EMG Signal Analysis

This technical note addresses the main classes of EMG analysis. It assumes that quality EMG data has already been acquired. Please see Technical Note 101: EMG Sensor Placement and Technical Note 102: EMG Signal Quality for more details.

Technical Note 103
Technical Note 301:

Synchronization and Triggering

The need to synchronize data from more than one measurement system often arises during physiological studies. This Technical Note focuses on important concepts concerning synchronization and triggering. It focuses on general examples. Please see Technical Note 302: Myomonitor Data Synchronization for detailed instructions regarding a specific situation.