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Delsys Webinar Series

Autonomous Gait Monitoring
in Parkinson’s Disease

An NIH-supported study translating technology into health.

Monitoring gait with wearable sensors holds promise for improving medical assessment and treatment for millions of people affected by movement disorders like Parkinson’s Disease (PD). However, most sensor-based gait monitors fail to detect subtle yet clinically relevant abnormalities, such as reduced arm swing or shuffling of steps. Learn More.

Autonomous Gait Monitoring in Parkinson’s Disease

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October 10th at 9am ET
October 11th at 9pm ET
October 12th at 2pm ET

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The Delsys R&D team is currently planning a webinar for the fall 2017 (dates to be announced) to share the latest developments of our dEMG technology and discuss contemporary topics of motor control and motor unit investigations with the Human Movement Science community.

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