Bagnoli™ Surface EMG Sensor
Delsys has been at the forefront of innovative developments in electromyography since 1993. Our parallel-bar EMG Sensors establish the foundation for unmatched signal quality, consistency and reliability in Delsys EMG Systems. A pioneer in the field, we are committed to furthering the technology and the applications of electromyography through novel sensor designs and EMG signal detection concepts.


  • Single Differential model
  • No gel necessary
  • Can be affixed to skin or used as a probe
  • Convenient adhesive skin interfaces
  • Slim profile for unobstructed usage

patented technology

Full Range and High Resolution

signalDelsys Sensors are unsurpassed in:

  • Signal quality and signal stability
  • Ultra high signal resolution
  • Full range of detection
  • Low noise performance

All sensor models share unique input characteristics that guarantee low-noise signals and hassle-free recordings.

Consistency and Comparability

  • parallel bar spaceUnique parallel bar geometry ensures consistency across measurements.
  • 1cm spacing is optimal for full-bandwidth signal detection.
  • Fixed inter-sensor distance minimizes amplitude and temporal variability across measurements

Comfort, Convenience and Durability

sensor application

  • Contoured surfaces maximize sensor-skin interface stability.
  • Improved enclosure design maximizes holding strength of adhesive skin interfaces.
  • No gel necessary.
  • Can be affixed to the skin or used as a probe.
  • Slim profile for unobtrusive usage.
  • Convenient adhesive skin interfaces are easily applied

sensor diagram

Delsys sEMG Sensors are biofeedback devices, designed for research investigations and educational purposes only. Delsys, Inc. products are not intended for medical measurements purposes or not for the use in the treatment and diagnosis of disease.

EMG Sensors DE-2.1
System Bagnoli™
Type Single Differential
Number of Contacts 2
Contact Dimensions 10.0 x 1.0 mm
Contact Spacing 10 mm
Contact Material 99.9% Ag
Detection Area 10 mm2
Case Dimensions 41 x 20 x 5 mm
Case Material Polycarbonate
Cable Length 1.67 m
Connector Hypertronics D04
Temperature Range 0-40° C
PreamplifierGain 10 VN ±1%
Bandwidth open
Noise 1.2uV (RMS, R.T.I.)
CMRR (6/10Hz) -92 dB (typical)
Power Consumption 20 mW (typical)
Input Impedance >1015Ω//0.2pF