Trigno™ Trigger Adapter

Trigno™ Trigger Adapter

Universal adapter tuned to record events and expand the synchronization options of the Trigno™ system.

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Trigno™ Flex

Trigno™ Flex Sensor

Designed to accommodate research needs requiring an expanded bandwidth range (10-850 Hz) or an expanded amplitude input range (0-22mV).

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mini sensor

Trigno™ Mini Sensor

Trigno™ Mini is a miniature wireless surface EMG sensor compatible with the Trigno™ EMG System family of products.

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IM Sensor

Trigno™ IM Sensor

Trigno™ IM is an innovative sensor for synchronous recording of wireless surface EMG and inertial measurements.

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snap leads

Trigno™ Snap-Lead Sensor

Delsys recommends to use Snap-lead sensor with caution as the motion artifact and cross-talk issues are commonly associated with these style sensors.

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spring contact

Trigno™ Spring Contact Sensor

Delsys provides the Trigno™ Spring-Contact Sensor per request of the client and makes no assertions or recommendations on the type of recording electrode to use, or the method of its application.

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Trigno™ EKG Sensor

Trigno™ EKG Biofeedback Sensor

Easily add EKG signal recording to your physiological measurements with the Trigno™ Wireless EKG biofeedback sensor.

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Foot Switch

Trigno™ 4-Channel Footswitch Sensor

Use our wireless Force Sensitive Resistor (FSR) sensor to monitor pressure under varieties of conditions in several locations at once.

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Biaxial Goniometer Adapter

Trigno™ Biaxial Goniometer Adapter

Accurately measure joint angles with the Trigno™ biaxial goniometer adapter.

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load cell sensor

Trigno™ Load Cell Adapter

Instrument your lab with easy-to-use wireless load cell sensors that can be quickly affixed to equipment or worn by Users to monitor forces in virtually any circumstance.

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analog adapter

Trigno™ Analog Adapter

Use our wireless sensor technology to seamlessly integrate analog outputs from Biodex equipment with Trigno™ Systems.

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