The Trigno™ 4-channel FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) Sensor is an accessory to the Trigno EMG System designed to provide relative pressure information of body-contact surfaces. Each sensor transmits 4 independent analog signals, each servicing an individual FSR membrane. These thin membranes are often affixed to shoe inserts for recording foot pressure timing at the heel, the toe, the first and the fifth metatarsals. Alternatively, these same sensors can be used to assess grip force during grasping tasks, or pressure distribution on the back while seated or lying down. Several sizes ranging from 0.2″ diameter up to 1.5″ squares are available and can be interchangeably connected o the 4-channel wireless sensor. Data are expressed as a percentage of the sensor’s full scale limits. These devices are useful for identifying the timing of significant events and for making relative amplitude comparisons, but are not suitable for making absolute measurements of force or pressure.

Foot Switch


  • Low Noise, High Performance Research Sensor
  • Up to 40m range
  • 8hours duration
  • Auto-calibration
  • 2.4 GHz transmission



  • Rehabilitation Sciences
  • Ergonomics
  • Sports Science
  • Biomechanics


Delsys, Inc. products are biofeedback devices, designed for research investigations and educational purposes only. Delsys, Inc. products are not intended for medical measurements purposes or not for the use in the treatment and diagnosis of disease.

Noise (R.T.O.) < 1 LSB
DC Bias 50 mV
ADC Resolution 16 bits (Ch 1)
8 bits (Ch 2,3,4)
Sampling Rate 2000s/sec (Ch1)
148 s/sec (Ch 2-4)
Size Offering 0.2″,0.5″, 1.5″
Typical Range 0.1 N- 10N
Sensor Travel 0.05 mm
Rise Time  <10 ms
Bandwidth DC-50 Hz
Battery Duration 8 hours