Trigno™ Flex

Flexible EMG Detection

Multi-purpose Sensor for Multiple Research Applications

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The Trigno™ Flex sensor is an EMG biofeedback sensor designed to be used exclusively as a component of the Trigno™ EMG System. The sensor is designed to accommodate research needs requiring an expanded bandwidth range (10-850 Hz) or an expanded amplitude input range (0-22mV). The original recommended parameters of the standard sensor (20-450Hz, 0-11mV range) are still available as well. The specifications below identify the choices available.

Selectable Bandwidth Options

Selectable Bandwidth Options

10-850 Hz or 20-450 Hz

Selectable Dynamic Range Options

Selectable Dynamic Range Options

11 mV or 22 mV


Multiple Applications

Perfect for any research protocol

icon_weight Trigno™ Flex Sensor Weight
~14 gm


Sensor Transmission Transmission Range
40 m

Compatible with Existing

Trigno™ Lab and Trigno™ Mobile

Primary System - Trigno™


Standard Amplitude
11 mV (r.t.i.)
This is the standard input amplitude range recommended for typical EMG signals from skeletal muscles.
Expanded Amplitude
22 mV (r.t.i.)
The extended input amplitude accommodates larger amplitude input signals but decreases the resolution of the baseline by a factor of 2. This setting should be used in cases where signal clipping is occurring due to large amplitude signals at the skin site.
Standard Bandwidth
20-450 Hz
 This is the recommended bandwidth for maximizing the signal-to-noise ratio of the raw EMG signal without compromising the fidelity of the signal.
Expanded Bandwidth
10-850 Hz
The expanded bandwidth maximizes the frequency capture content of the Trigno sensor and will necessarily detect higher noise levels. This setting can be used to explore the EMG signal characteristics at the high and low frequency extremes and to more accurately capture noise disturbances should the quantification of these signals be of interest.
Typical Operating Range(1) 20 m
RF Frequency Band 2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)
Power Consumption  <0.130 W
Effective Radiated Power 9 mW
RF Protocol Proprietary
Full-charge Operation Time(2,3) >6 hours (typical)
Recharge Time(3) 2.5 hours
Auto Shut-down timer 300 seconds
Temperature Range(4) 5 – 40 degrees Celsius
Sensor Input Range(5) 11 mV (r.t.i.)
22 mV (r.t.i.)
EMG Signal HPF Corner(6) 20 ± 5 Hz, ≥40 dB/dec
10 ± 5 Hz, ≥40 dB/dec
EMG Signal LPF Corner(6) 450 ± 50 Hz, ≥80 dB/dec
850 ± 100 Hz, ≥80 dB/dec
Filter Design  Butterworth
Sampling Period(7) 27/52 ms
Resolution Depth 16 bits
Baseline Noise ≤ 2.5 uV(r.m.s., r.t.i.)(8) ≤ 3.0 uV(r.m.s., r.t.i.)(9)
CMRR(10) ≤-80 dB
Enclosure Dimension (sensor) 26 x 37 x 15 mm
Electrode Material Silver