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Surface EMG Sensors

Delsys has been at the forefront of innovative developments in electromyography since 1993. Our parallel-bar EMG Sensors establish the foundation for unmatched signal quality, consistency and reliability in Delsys EMG Systems. A pioneer in the field, we are committed to furthering the technology and the applications of electromyography through novel sensor designs and EMG signal detection concepts.

  • Single Differential and Double Differential models
  • No gel or skin preparation necessary
  • Can be affixed to skin or used as a probe
  • Convenient adhesive skin interfaces
  • Slim profile for unobstructed usage
EMG Sensors

Full Range and High Resolution

Delsys Sensors are unsurpassed in:

  • Signal quality and signal stability
  • Ultra low signal resolution
  • Full range of detection
  • Low noise performance

All sensor models share unique input characteristics that guarantee low-noise signals and hassle-free recordings.

EMG Signal high resolution

Consistency and Comparability

  • Unique parallel bar geometry ensures consistency across measurements.
  • 1cm spacing is spatially optimal for full-bandwidth signal detection.
  • Fixed inter-sensor distance minimizes amplitude and temporal variability across measurements.

EMG Sensor sketch EMG Signal

Comfort, Convenience and Durability

  • Contoured surfaces maximize sensor-skin interface stability.
  • Improved enclosure design maximizes holding strength of adhesive skin interfaces.
  • No gel or skin preparation is necessary.
  • Can be affixed to the skin or used as a probe.
  • Slim profile for unobtrusive usage.
  • Convenient adhesive skin interfaces are easily applied.

emgsensor side

Adhesive Skin Interface Instructions

State of the Art Construction

EMG Sensor Construction

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