Signal Quality Monitor

Signal Quality Monitor Modes

Signal Quality Monitor Mode

Monitor all EMG signals in real-time. Indicators will warn you if signal quality is not adequate at any time during your recording session.

Signal Quality Monitor Mode

Explore detailed features of EMG signal quality for each EMG sensor. Rely on meter indicators to obtain quantitative measures.

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Signal Quality Features

What indicates good quality EMG signals?

Use the Signal Quality Monitor to:

Identify SQM


The best location of the sensor on the muscle for high amplitude EMG signal

Examine SQM


Whether skin preparation is adequate for recording good quality EMG signals

Monitor SQM


The quality of the recorded EMG signals throughout the duration of your experiment

Improve SQM


The quality of your EMG data

How do you achieve high-quality sEMG signals?

The Signal Quality Monitor provides guidance and suggestions to improve the quality of your sEMG signals.


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