trigger moduleThe Trigger Module was designed in order to facilitate connections to the Trigger Port. It offers full signal conditioning to ensure that input signals are properly configured for Delsys hardware and that output signals are properly configured for secondary equipment.

EMGworks® Data Acquisition and Analysis Software offers full triggering capabilities to control the start and stop of all data acquisition systems in a given experimental setup.


  • Standard BNC connections for ease-of-use
  • Start and Stop Input capabilities
  • Trigger on rising or falling edges
  • Start and Stop Output signal triggers
  • Positive or Negative Outputs
  • Short and Long Pulse Outputs
  • 5V active logic or Passive Switch logic
  • Push-button triggers for Remote Starting and Stopping
  • Compatible with Bagnoli™ and Trigno™ Systems

Min. input signal duration 100 ns
Input Edge Type rising or falling
Output Edge Type rising or falling
Output pulse duration 150 ns or 75 ms
Logic 5V TTL or CMSO
Dimensions 205 x 108 x 57 mm
Weight 280 g
Material ABS-94HB

N.B. Delsys reserves the right to change Features and Specifications without notice.