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Trigno Avanti
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Technology Revolution

Delsys innovates to move your research forward

  • Bluetooth Compatibility
  • Reduced Sensor Height
  • Button-less Operation
  • Improved RF Performance
  • On-board IMU
Trigno Avanti
  • LED Status indicators
  • Expanded SDK/API Support for OEM
  • Selectable EMG Bandwidth Settings
  • On-board Signal Processing
  • Compatible with Trigno™ Systems

Easily Manage Data

accurate and reliable wherever and whenever you need it

Direct cloud-based storage

Direct cloud-based storage


Maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) collection module

Signal Quality Check

Signal Quality Check

Explore the Delsys Avanti Android App

Trigno™ Avanti Guide

Two Operational Modes

PC (EMGworks® and API/SDK)

Flexible EMG bandwidth settings
20-450 Hz or 10-850 Hz

Selectable data collection modes
EMG + 3D Gyro
EMG + IMU (3D ACC, 3D Gyro, 3D Mag)

through digital or analog outputs

Android Device (Delsys Avanti App)

EMG RMS processing or raw data collection

Multiple RMS biofeedback displays
Real-time RMS stream
Bar feedback chart
Muscle map with selectable locations

Store data locally on Android device
Upload to cloud storage for download and analysis

Trigno™ Sensor Type

Specification or Feature Avanti IM Flex Mini
Collection Modes EMG-only +


EMG-only +


EMG-only EMG-only + EMG+3D ACC
Bandwidth 20-450 Hz or 10-850 Hz 20-450 Hz 20-450 Hz or 10-850 Hz 20-450 Hz
Signal Range 11mV or 22mV 11mV 11mV or 22mV 11mV
Accelerometer Range +/- 2, 4, 8 or 16g +/- 2, 4, 8 or 16g N/A +/- 1.5 or 6g
Gyroscope Range +/- 250, 500, 1000 or 2000 deg/s +/- 250, 500, 1000 or 2000 deg/s N/A N/A
Proprietary WiFi support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Bluetooth support Yes * No No No

* Trigno Avanti sensors are compatible with the Delsys Avanti Android application. Features include: Support for both raw and processed (RMS) EMG data and IMU/orientation data, Real-time RMS bar feedback display, Real-time, interactive muscle map biofeedback display, Local to storage to Android devices, Data download via cloud-based storage, Maximum voluntary contraction (MVC) collection module, Patent-pending Signal Quality Check

A New Approach to Exploring EMG

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