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Altec is grounded in Research and Innovation for the purpose of advancing bio-signal and wearable sensor technologies used in movement sciences. We draw on engineering and physiology principles to design advanced ground-breaking technologies that provide ease-of-use for the customer and reveal new information contained within bio-signals, particularly from the electromyographic signal.

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EMG Investigations with Delsys

Innovative Technology

We are continually at the forefront of providing innovative biomechanical tools for your research community

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Empirically Supported

We deliver pragmatic technologies and support with the same rigor your research demands

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Dedicated Service

We are committed to providing all our users with support from our experienced and knowledgeable education team

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Trigno™ Wireless

Trigno™ Wireless

A high-performing device designed to make EMG signal detection reliable and easy.

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dEMG System

dEMG System

A non-invasive biofeedback system for motor control studies and investigations of motor unit behavior.

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Bagnoli™ Desktop

Bagnoli™ Desktop

Known for reliability and versatility, Bagnoli™ Desktop EMG Systems deliver the best performance for all applications.

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For over 20 years, Delsys has been committed to providing the most advanced EMG and biomechanical sensors on the market. Our innovative technology makes it easier for research labs, hospitals, and educational institutions across the globe to study human movement.


Systems Integration

Delsys systems add significant value to your new or existing lab with their ability to seamlessly integrate and work with a number of commonly used biomechanical equipment and data acquisition platforms.

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2 hours ago
RT @KiaNazarpour: Interested in reading your MSc in Biomedical Engineering?

Check out our 2-stream (electrical & mechanical) programme in…
2 days ago
Delsys Education Team members demonstration of the new Avanti, Quattro and wireless dEMG SEMG sensor at Shonan Keiiku Hospital for Dr.Fuminari Kaneko and his staff.

Are you interested in on-site demonstration of Delsys technology? Let us know at
delsysinc photo
3 days ago
We’re looking forward to supporting @StaffsBiomech #SCCB2018....we got a little excited and stopped by a week early! Going to be showing our latest app development with our new Trigno Avanti ⚡️👨🏼‍🏫 delsysinc photo
3 days ago
RT @Dr_DeFreitas: Our lab's latest pub is out. #OSUneuro #MotorUnits @PhysRep

"Effects of fatiguing, submaximal high‐ versus low‐torque…
delsysinc photo
4 days ago
Reminder: Today is the last day to register.
4 days ago
RT @delsysinc: Invited speakers from institutions in Japan and the US:
Dr. Hayashibe ( @tohoku_univ)
Dr. Kaneko ( @Keio_univ_PR)
Dr. Kiryu (…

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