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Please note that the Delsys offices (US, Europe, China and Japan) remain open to offer support to our customers and partners. We are operating with minimized manufacturing, sales and technical activities in order to support our staff and their families, however we are available to offer you any support during this time.

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$ 35,000 in EMG equipment support to research related to biomechanics


$ 25,000 in financial support to research studies in biomechanics

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Trigno Hand Performance Monitor

First ever hybrid technology combining EMG and force measurements

Monitor muscle forces, muscle fatigue, grip stability, and grip strength in rehabilitation and research environments. Investigate neuromuscular conditions such as sarcopenia or stroke.

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Delsys Family of Products

Complete Solutions for Human Movement

Delsys EMG biofeedback systems have made homes in research and clinical institutions across the globe because they are reliable, easy to use, and provide maximum value for human movement recordings. From traditional desktop EMG biofeedback devices to advanced wireless EMG+IMU and grid systems, the Delsys product family uses research-based proprietary technology ensuring accurate, high-quality results every single time.

Delsys June 2019 - July 2020 Catalog


The first technology to reveal the signals that drive human movement

Neuromuscular networks convey signals between the brain and muscles to enable human movement. These signals are rich with information but challenging to monitor, and have remained hidden from view until now.

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Trigno Avanti Platform

A trusted brand for reliable recordings of EMG and neural firings for research, medical, educational, and OEM applications

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, this dual-purpose system enables you to record EMG + movement data from anywhere and at any time. Leveraging these abilities makes the system the optimal indoor/outdoor tool for both advanced research and mobile clinical conditions.


Mobile EMG Suite

Monitor Muscle Performance and Recovery. Anytime. Anywhere.

Ensure high-quality recordings using the real-time signal quality check with EMG Plots. Take your sensor recordings on-the-go with your mobile phone using EMG Logger.

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News & Events

Happy National Biomechanics Day! Our resolve strengthens and our mission continues. We are donating $ 60,000 in equipment + cash resources to support the biomech scientific community. Read more at . #NBD2020 delsysinc photo

Huge congratulations to these three outstanding professionals, who were chosen by the @delucafdn to receive #Delsys Trigno Avanti Mobile and Hand Performance Monitor #EMG equipment - we can't wait to see what you do with the new tools! #Biomechanics #Research #Clinic #MobileApps
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De Luca Foundation @delucafdn
We are pleased to announce Dr. DiGiulio ( @KingsCollegeLon), Dr. Engleder (University of Applied Sciences Ulm), and Dr. O’Brien ( @SVPHMelb) as the first 3 recipients of Mobile EMG equipment, as part of our ongoing Equipment Donation Initiative. Read more:

We are grateful the world is coming together...Great act from all those involved! Bravo to Gov. Baker and the Kraft family! delsysinc photo

Thank you to the brave doctors, healthcare workers, lab staff and life scientists fighting to overcome COVID-19! delsysinc photo

Tough times don't last forever. We hope free supplies + free software helps! Details: delsysinc photo

Small steps to aid the #COVID19 recovery. We are supporting local communities with available supplies, including hand sanitizer and masks. Let's work together beat COVID! #BostonStrong delsysinc photo