The dEMG system offers a new perspective of muscle contraction

by going beyond the analysis of the surface EMG signals. The system applies sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to extract individual motor unit action potentials from the surface EMG signal in a process referred to as EMG decomposition.

Signal Processing and Modeling

The motor unit firing data obtained with the dEMG technology

provide new information and novel approaches to query the validity of commonly accepted notions of motor unit control theory that could never before be tested or empirically validated.

Empirically-Based Approaches

Decomposition Advances and Validation

The Delsys dEMG decomposition system is the fruition of three decades of research and development.

It is grounded in fundamental principles of signal processing, and has been thoroughly validated by us and independent studies and researchers.

A Glimpse of the Future of Motor Unit Decomposition

Best Practices for Motor Unit Analysis

We continuously focus our efforts so that the best practices are used

to detect, analyze and interpret surface EMG signals and motor unit data .

High-Quality Signals and Analysis for High Quality Results