The way in which our brain control muscles

influences force generation capacity, muscle power, endurance and sport performance. The dEMG System can help uncover the effect of exercise paradigms and training routines on muscle control for more precise, stronger and faster athletic performance.

Training and Exercise

Understanding the influence of training and exercise

on the firing behavior of motor units can guide physical therapists and trainers in designing more effective exercise routines.

Effect of Eccentric Overload

Muscle Fatigue

Fatigue may impair even simple activities of daily living.

The dEMG system provides new ways to shed light on the sources of muscle fatigue and their influence on muscle control.

Fatigue-induced Motor Unit Adaptations

Muscle Properties

Muscles adapt in response to training and exercise.

The dEMG system can be used to investigate changes in muscles and force generation capacity in a new and non-invasive manner.

Motor Unit-Specific Hypertrophy