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Scientists and engineers require accurate, real-time data in order to develop solutions.

Delsys technology is empirically verified and validated by wide adoption in leading research institutions, ensuring robust collection of high-fidelity signals.

Zero Inter-Sensor Latency
Ensured by our proprietary wireless protocol

Integrated IMU
For 3 DOF movement feedback

Real-Time SDK
To stream samples directly into third-party applications


Powered prosthetics can help restore function to injured or disabled limbs.

Delsys sensors stream synchronized myoelectric and movement signals for real-time control and feedback.

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The Future of Prosthesis Design
Dr. Helen Huang, Ph.D.
North Carolina State University

Brain-Machine Interface

The brain controls movement and force production by regulating muscle contractions.

Advanced Delsys technology can reveal the neural control of movement, and accelerate the development of novel brain-machine interfaces.

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MINDWALKER: Using Biosignals to Create a Powerful New Exoskeleton
Dr. Michel Ilzkovitz
Space Applications Services

Human Factors

Optimizing how people interact with their physical environment improves safety, health, and productivity.

Delsys sensors are compact and easy to deploy in a wide range of environments, from factory floors to airplane cockpits.

Assessing the Design of Computer Mice
Activity of Back Muscles
Human Factors