Human movement is complex, and proper investigation requires research-grade tools.

Delsys wearable sensors are designed for hassle-free measurement of muscle activity and movement, both in the lab and on the field.

Compact Sensor Design
Optimized to reduce motion artifacts and resist sweat
Freedom of Movement
With long-range wireless sensors for lab & field recordings
Third-Party Plugins
Collect data within your favorite biomechanics software

Sports Biomechanics

EMG investigation whether ankle taping has an effect on athletic performance and muscle activity in basketball players.

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Professor James Richards studies the electrical activity from the muscles of a female subject’s rectus abdominus.

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Next-generation wearable sensors for next-level performance.

Muscle fatigue can be defined as a transient decrease in the capacity to perform physical actions, essentially a person’s inability to exert maximum muscle force.

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How are motor units controlled during voluntary contractions? This question has been a subject of debate for several decades amongst the neurophysiology community.

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Physical Therapy/Biofeedback

Delsys wearable sensors help therapists and trainers develop effective exercise protocols, measure movement quality, and track improvements. Read More »

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