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Marketing and Design Engineer2019-02-08T13:48:32-04:00

Marketing and Design Engineer

We are seeking a motivated candidate with strong marketing skills and interests. In addition, background in life sciences, kinesiology, or medical devices is preferred. The candidate will be working with the sales and marketing team to promote new and existing products through print media, social media, and commercial style videos. As an innovator in the medical device industry it is key to keep our clients actively engaged and provide important technical information at all times.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Develop sales and marketing media using industry standard design programs
  • Create content to promote our highly technical products through innovative applications
  • Render 3D CAD models of products for marketing materials
  • Assist the sales engineers in distribution of marketing materials through social media, email, and print media
  • Prepare and coordinate trade show material and packages for the sales engineers
  • Generate new, creative marketing plans for existing and future products

Required Qualifications

The Candidate must:

  • Have completed a 2 or 4-year accredited associated or bachelors program in a relevant discipline
  • Have a strong interest in all aspects of marketing, from ideation through conception
  • Be strong willed and able to manage projects independently
  • Be extremely comfortable working with Adobe Creative Suite and other industry standard programs
  • Be motivated to solve problems independently

Preferred Qualifications

The ideal candidate should:

  • Have at least a bachelors-level education
  • Have some prior industry experience (medical, physiotherapy, life sciences, or similar)
  • Be familiar with 3D modeling and industry standard CAD and rendering techniques and programs