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Professor De Luca changed my life

Professor De Luca loved working with people with natural skills, strong intuitions and the resolve to take on impossible things worthy of their professional life.  For employees like me he provided a rare opportunity most can only dream of; simply put, Delsys became a proving ground to hone my skills and test the limits of my imagination.

Professor De Luca trusted my instincts, my judgment and my willingness to cross turbid waters without fear. In return, I trusted him to mold my thinking, develop clarity, channel my reasoning, learn through his wisdom, and embrace the road map he created to continue Delsys’ success which began in 1997.

Professor De Luca often said: “tomorrow is never promised, get the work done today”. As successful undertakings favor the prepared mind, I am at work today to carry on the mission I consider worthy of my time on earth.

I am grateful to Professor for sharing his love, his life, and his last name with me.

Devi De Luca

July 21, 2016