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Professor Carlo De Luca was a man with many passions

He loved history, music, and of course science. He was in his element recounting the contributions of great thinkers to science or expounding on great battles that have changed the course of history. He mesmerized us in these moments and is remembered as a man with a tremendous breadth of knowledge. As a scientist, researcher and mentor to others, Carlo loved everything about research. This calling provided him with the opportunity for creativity, solving complex problems, originating new ideas, and questioning old ones. His passion for science has revolutionized the field and inspired a new generation of empirical research in motor control.

He never once in the 35 years that I have known and worked with him  shown anything but 100% commitment to advancing science and enabling others to do the same through mentorship, publications, and innovative technologies. Even during his recent period of failing health he never took his hand off the tiller as he continued to resolve issues and prepare agendas for the future.  He had a way of communicating that was often direct, and on reflection you would smile and shake your head in wonderment as you once again realized the wisdom of his words. His writings were similarly inspiring. He could combine elegance and forcefulness on the same page. He wrote feverishly and brilliantly in his remaining months, producing some of his best scientific work. These works remain as gifts to us all.

Carlo’s passion, dedication, and vision run deeply in the Delsys/Altec team. We are committed to honoring his memory by following the three tenets he drilled into us: “never compromise your standards, never hesitate to challenge the norm, and never be afraid of the unknown”. With these tenets as our guide, we are confident in our ability to continue the company’s commitment to developing new EMG technology, using this technology for novel applications, and advancing the understanding of motor control.

With Professor De Luca’s passing, there is a sense of loss, as his hands have now been pried from the tiller. As we look ahead to the future, there is also a sense of anticipation at the opportunities that he created for us, as it is we who will now steer the course.

Serge H. Roy
Senior Research Scientist

Altec Research Team