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Delsys Innovation

For over 20 years, Delsys has been delivering advanced EMG technology to assist the worldwide biomechanics community. Our advanced technologies, like sEMG, dEMG, and software solutions, are based on the conclusive results of extensive research experience and R&D leadership. Our products facilitate researchers on their quest to unleash ideas into reality.

Through our focused dedication to the biomechanics community, we have delivered the following milestone innovations:

  • First active parallel bar EMG sensor
  • First non-invasive dEMG sensor to record a single motor unit
  • First wireless EMG sensor with motion sensing capability
  • First wireless mini EMG sensor

In each case, we have focused on technology that simplifies sEMG, dEMG, and data processing, and data management. And in doing so, we have pushed the limit in research possibilities.

Timeline - Concepts


Timeline - Concepts

EMG Sensors

Timeline - Concepts