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A History of Delsys Innovation

  • In 1993, Prof. Carlo J De Luca of Boston University had been researching myoelectric activity for over two decades, dedicating his life to understanding how to capture such profound information simply and effectively. With a high-quality EMG signal, scientists worldwide could investigate the causes and effects of diseases, evaluate abnormal movements, and overall improve health worldwide. All that was missing were the proper tools.


    From this need came the birth of a new company – Delsys. With equipment design steeped in research-based evidence and the right personnel with an obsession for excellence, Delsys championed its high-quality EMG and touted its practicality in any type of human movement field.

    Fast-forwarding to today, Delsys has become a world leader in wearable sensor technology, enabling researchers in over 80 countries to uncover the mysteries of human movement and continually pushing boundaries through our own ground-breaking research.


    Here, you can take a look back at the innovative history of Delsys, where you’ll find that our story begins and continues thanks to our willingness to discover, invent, and improve technology to move science forward.


  • Introduction of the first fixed-spacing surface EMG sensor

    Delsys technology is steeped in years of research on optimizing the EMG signal. 14 years before Delsys was founded, the first surface EMG sensor with fixed electrode spacing of 10 mm – a Delsys hallmark – was conceived.

    Introduction of the first fixed-spacing surface EMG sensor
  • Conception of motor unit decomposition

    EMG decomposition, another hallmark of Delsys technology, was conceptualized by LeFever and De Luca, who designed algorithms to semi-automate the decomposition process.

    1982 – Conception of motor unit decomposition
  • Muscle Fatigue Monitor device developed

    The Muscle Fatigue Monitor (MFM) was designed by Stulen and De Luca, and was the first device designed specifically to track the spectral changes related to fatigue of the myoelectric signal.


    Muscle Fatigue Monitor device developed
  • First portable EMG myofeedback device (Myochirp)

    McCarthy and De Luca design the first portable EMG device known as the Myochirp, a device intended to provide clinicians and patients with audio feedback of muscle activity for quick assessments.

    First portable EMG myofeedback device (Myochip)
  • Introduction of the Parallel-bar EMG Sensor

    De Luca continues to produce new inventions that will formulate the base of Delsys technology, by introducing an EMG sensor with parallel-bar electrodes.

    Introduction of the parallel-bar EMG sensor
  • Delsys, Inc. Founded


    After several years of building interest in his EMG tools, Prof. Carlo J De Luca makes the decision to found Delsys Inc., creating a means to deliver cutting-edge EMG technology to the world for improving human health.

    Delsys, Inc. Founded
  • Marketed the DE-2.1 sEMG Sensor

    Marketing efforts for Delsys-branded equipment began in 1994, with the DE-2.1 sEMG Sensor and Bagnoli-2 EMG System as the flagship sensor/system combination.


    With decades of EMG sensor design experience under his belt, Prof. De Luca built the devices using several features he found to be optimal – parallel bar electrodes, 1 cm spacing, 20-450 Hz filter, and more.

    Marketed the DE-2.1 sEMG Sensor
  • Marketed the DE-2.3 Standalone sEMG Sensor

    The DE-2.3 sensor, a new active sEMG sensor with on-board filtering and gain settings, is introduced, intended for people seeking to use EMG outside of a traditional lab setting.

    Marketed the DE-2.3 Standalone sEMG Sensor
  • Marketed the DE-3.1 Double Differential sEMG Sensor

    The concept of double differentiation was introduced a few years prior, leading way to yet another new sensor, the DE-3.1 sEMG Sensor, where the intent is to remove excessive cross-talk from the detection site.

    Marketed the DE-3.1 double differential sEMG Sensor
  • Introduced EMGworks® Acquisition

    Delsys’ flagship software, EMGworks® Acquisition, is introduced. Intended for simple data collection and storage capabilities, the addition of proprietary software enabled Delsys to provide a complete, one-stop EMG solution.

    Introduced EMGworks® Acquisition
  • Released the Myomonitor EMG datalogger

    To keep up with the rapid rise in popularity of wireless laboratory equipment, Delsys released the Myomonitor, its very first wireless EMG device that was capable of both data logging and transmission to a PC for real-time data collection.

    Released the Myomonitor EMG datalogger
  • Altec received US patent for unique EMG sensor and wireless designs

    Prof. De Luca and Altec, Delsys’ affiliated research organization founded in 1997, receive patents for both the original design of the DE-2.1 sEMG sensor and for a wireless biosignal monitoring system, effectively securing proprietary rights for the existing EMG detection arrangement while setting the stage for future endeavors into the realm of wireless technology.
    Altec receives US patent for unique EMG sensor design

  • First non-invasive system for decomposition of surface EMG signals

    A major milestone in EMG decomposition was achieved in 2006, as the first system for decomposing surface EMG signals was described.


    The system combined a new 4-channel surface array sensor with improved decomposition algorithms, opening up the doors even further for scientists in a slew of fields to use EMG decomposition.

    2006 – First non-invasive system for decomposition of surface EMG signals
  • Introduced Trigno™ EMG + 3D Wireless Sensor

    The landscape of laboratory technology was accelerating at a rapid pace, as companies developed more user-friendly devices with greater flexibility and wireless capabilities.


    Not to be outdone, Delsys introduced the concept of a wireless hybrid sensor that combines a hybrid sensor that combines patented Delsys EMG technology with a 3D accelerometer, the first of its kind.

    Introduced Trigno™ EMG + 3D wireless sensor
  • Marketed Trigno™ Wireless EMG System

    Despite the recession in 2008, Delsys committed to investing their resources towards developing a completely new, robust wireless system that could meet the demands of progressive researchers worldwide.


    The result was the Trigno™ Wireless System, a versatile tool that to this day outperforms all other wireless EMG technologies with its proprietary wireless protocol and superior flexibility.

    Trigno™ Wireless System
  • High-yield decomposition of surface EMG signals

    The evolution of sEMG decomposition eventually brought about fully automated high-yield decomposition (20-30+ motor units).


    A new “Decompose, Synthesize, Decompose, Compare” validation test was introduced, improving accuracy to an average of 92.5%.

    2010 – High-yield decomposition of surface EMG signals and DSDC test for accuracy
  • Introduced Trigno™ Mini Sensor and EMG + IMU Sensor

    Pushing the capabilities of EMG detection, Delsys leveraged the robust Trigno™ platform to introduce both a Mini Sensor for small muscle EMG and an IM Sensor for combined EMG + IMU to the market.

    Introduced Trigno™ Mini Sensor and EMG + IMU Sensor
  • Decomposition of surface EMG signals from cyclic dynamic contractions

    Another breakthrough in sEMG decomposition was introduced in 2015, as De Luca et al decomposed cyclic dynamic contractions, marking the first time decomposition was successfully achieved from a dynamic sEMG signal.

    2015 – Decomposition of surface EMG signals from cyclic dynamic contractions

  • Trigno™ Avanti Platform and New Sensors Released

    In its 25th year, Delsys re-designed the Trigno™ platform’s capabilities to support even further expansion, and brought forth the Trigno™ Avanti Sensor, an advanced device whose EMG and IMU features can be leveraged via Bluetooth for use with common handheld devices.

    Trigno™ Avanti Platform and New Sensors Released
  • Looking Back to Look Forward

    What enables Delsys to innovate is having a complete team that compliments every aspect of product development. Delsys has its own in-house business, engineering, scientific research, and manufacturing teams; strong business partners worldwide; and most importantly, a customer base that continues to challenge and push our product’s capabilities to fit their progressive work.


    Thanks to this, just in the last two years our team has experienced rapid growth business-wise, secured 4 new research grants, presented several publications and abstracts, and released 8 new products, with plans for several more products in the near future.


    We dedicate our time to each aspect of the product development cycle to provide researchers worldwide with the most cutting-edge technology to push science forward. We have witnessed and been a part of great scientific strides since our founding, and we are looking forward to serving the research community for many more years to come!


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