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Delsys & Altec: 2016 Overview

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Why good scientific instruments matter for Movement Sciences

Delsys stands alone in the field of Electromyography. Its history in the marketplace spans over two decades, with thousands of users in over 85 countries.  Delsys has been the go to place for researchers for acquiring EMG knowledge and procuring high-performance EMG systems for research and teaching.

Today, if you walk into any human sciences/biomechanics research lab in north America or parts of Europe or Asia or Australia or New Zealand, your chance of finding a Delsys instrument is 90%.

I joined Delsys in 2002 and took over as the company’s head in July 2016 upon the passing of Professor Carlo De Luca.   What drives me to work 7 days a week is you, the customer. Delsys would not be here without you. I thank you for a successful 2016.

Today Delsys technology lives in a world where scientific breakthroughs are often ignored or dismissed — Ok, what else?

What else? We were the first to demonstrate and market a complex product called the decomposition system, which is now followed by another breakthrough product in the making — dynamic decomposition.

sEMG Decomposition System is the only independently validated product on the market that can non-invasively examine motor unit firings. Decomposition system is our “Google Glass” but with continued success.

sEMG Dynamic Decomposition System, when released in the coming years, will reveal the neural activity that regulates human movement and advance our understanding of motor control.

This system will demonstrate our unique capacity to solve complex problems, and there will be no competing commercial match.

Now onto some statistics from 2016:

  • Sales in North America, Asia and Europe continue to climb, despite uncertain economic conditions in many regions.
  • Increased company’s attendance at national and international conferences.
  • Hosted successful webinars and two public symposiums.
  • Launched Altec website to demonstrate the connection between product ideas and commercial success.
  • Hired four full-time staff.
  • Funding two Ph.D. Students and a Master’s student.
  • Initiated strong collaboration with WPI to continue scholarly activities.
  • Successfully completed ISO 13450 audit.

Expect the following in 2017:

  • Will be launching highly versatile Trigno™ BT to expand the current product line.
  • We anticipate four new hires in US (one R&D-specific job, one manufacturing job and two sales support) and in Europe.
  • Will be showcasing new products at workshops and conferences.

Thank you for your continued support and trust in Delsys products.

I wish you all a pleasant holiday season.


Devi De Luca
Head- Delsys, Inc. & Altec, Inc.


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