EMGworks® v4.5.4 Changelog:

  • Changes implemented to comply with GDPR
  • New firmware compatibility notifications
  • New SDK update notifications
  • Improved delay after clicking start
  • Improved orientation mode in SDK for Avanti sensors
  • Fixed bug related to triggering Avanti sensors

Trigno™ Avanti App v2.0.3 Changelog:

New Features

  • Light Mode theme for plotter
  • Major UI changes in the file browser
  • Data Viewer dialog
  • Tooltips and online help
  • Language support: Japanese & Chinese
  • Various UI feature additions like splash screen, new animation for Scanning Sensors etc.
  • Added Back button functionality
  • Plot memory: App remembers the plot preference from previous run with the same sensors

Bug fixes

  • Fixed various bug fixes in Sensor Settings and Home page
  • Fixed various UI bugs where values would overlap with each other in Plot mode.