Updates in the latest version 4.5.3:

Fixed an issue where y-min/y-max default vals for Avanti sensor was causing hang when clicking “Run Task”
Some Avanti configurations were causing EMG channel to not be present in Signal Quality check
Fixed issue causing Analog Outs to be off by default when using EMGworks
Fixed issue causing Analog Outs to not be handled properly for Avanti sensors – now EMG outputs are present
Fixed mode setting issue in SDK for Type 3 and 12 sensors
Trigno Control Utility indicated wrong firmware version for Avanti sensors in hover text
Fixed issue causing Windows Console to appear when running Trigno Control Utility
Dual range ACC sensors were displaying quad range options
TPM data download gain issues addressed
TPM data download upsampling issues addressed
Addressed occasional improper IMU gain (when mode set to default)
Addressed default behavior for Avanti sensor flexible gain/bandwidth
TrignoSettings file incompatability issue handled automatically for users upgrading EMGworks
Base flash memory issues mitigated
Addressed DPI scaling issues for high resolution monitors
User Defined sensor configuration panel issues addressed
Tethered sensor configuration panel issues addressed
Addressed issue causing Refresh A/D devices to not load a Trigno
Addressed issue causing TrignoSettings file to not be created properly for SDK only users
Avanti sensor units for ACC X fixed to display “g”
Improved Profile Tracking task performance with Avanti sensors
Inverted z-axis for Type A sensors to match other sensor types