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Delsys Publications

The effect of cut-off frequency when high-pass filtering equine sEMG signals
during locomotion

L. St. George, S.J. Hobbs, J. Richards, J. Sinclair, D. Holt, S.H. Roy
The common input notion, conceived and sustained by conjecture
Carlo J. De Luca and Joshua C. Kline
The compensatory interaction between motor unit firing behavior and muscle force during fatigue
Paola Contessa, Carlo J. De Luca and Joshua C. Kline
Biomechanical benefits of the onion-skin motor unit control scheme
Carlo J De Luca and Paola Contessa
Decomposition of surface EMG signals from cyclic dynamic contractions
Carlo J. De Luca, Shey-Sheen Chang, Serge H. Roy, Joshua C. Kline
and S. Hamid Nawab
Is the notion of central fatigue based on a solid foundation?
Paola Contessa, Alessio Puleo and Carlo J. De Luca
Synchronization of motor unit firings: an epiphenomenon of firing rate characteristics not common inputs
Joshua C. Kline and Carlo J. De Luca
Clarification of methods used to validate surface EMG decomposition algorithms as described by Farina et al.
Carlo J. De Luca, S. Hamid Nawab and Joshua C. Kline
Dynamical Learning and Tracking of Tremor and Dyskinesia From Wearable Sensors
Bryan T. Cole, Serge H. Roy, Carlo J. De Luca and S. Hamid Nawab
Error reduction in EMG signal decomposition
Joshua C. Kline and Carlo J. De Luca
Statistically rigorous calculations do not support common input and long-term synchronization of motor-unit firings
Carlo J. De Luca and Joshua C. Kline
Transposed firing activation of motor units
Carlo J. De Luca, Joshua C. Kline and Paola Contessa
High-Resolution Tracking of Motor Disorders in Parkinson’s Disease During Unconstrained Activity
Serge H. Roy, Bryan T. Cole, Don Gilmore, Carlo J. De Luca, Cathi A. Thomas, Marie M. Saint-Hilaire and S. Hamid Nawab
Neural control of muscle force: indications from a simulation model
Paola Contessa and Carlo J. De Luca
Relationship between clinical and instrumental balance assessments in chronic post-stroke hemiparesis subjects
Zimi Sawacha, Elena Carraro, Paola Contessa, Annamaria Guiotto, Stefano Masiero and Claudio Cobelli
Hierarchical control of motor units in voluntary contractions
Carlo J. De Luca and Paola Contessa
Influence of proprioceptive feedback on the firing rate and recruitment of motoneurons
CJ De Luca and JC Kline
Preferred sensor sites for surface EMG signal decomposition
Farah Zaheer, Serge H Roy and Carlo J De Luca
A model of motoneuron behavior and muscle-force generation for sustained isometric contractions
Contessa P., Nawab S.H. and De Luca C. J.
Abnormal muscle activation during gait in diabetes patients with and without neuropathy
Zimi Sawacha, Fabiola Spolaor, Gabriella Guarneri, Paola Contessa, Elena Carraro, Andrea Venturin, Angelo Avogaro and Claudio Cobelli
Inter-electrode spacing of surface EMG sensors: Reduction of crosstalk contamination during voluntary contractions
Carlo J. De Luca, Mikhail Kuznetsov, L. Donald Gilmore and Serge H. Roy
High-yield decomposition of surface EMG signals
S. Hamid Nawab, Shey-Sheen Chang and Carlo J. De Luca
Filtering the surface EMG signal: Movement artifact and baseline noise contamination
Carlo J.De Luca, L. Donald Gilmore, Mikhail Kuznetsov and Serge H. Roy
Motor unit control and force fluctuation during fatigue
Paola Contessa, Alexander Adam and Carlo J. De Luca
A Combined sEMG and Accelerometer System for Monitoring Functional Activity in Stroke
Serge H. Roy, M. Samuel Cheng, Shey-Sheen Chang, John Moore, Gianluca De Luca, S. Hamid Nawab, and Carlo J. De Luca
Speech Recognition for Vocalized and Subvocal Modes of Production using Surface EMG Signals from the Neck and Face
Geoffrey S. Meltzner, Jason Sroka, James T. Heaton, L. Donald Gilmore, Glen Colby,
Serge Roy, Nancy Chen and Carlo J. De Luca
Electro-mechanical stability of surface EMG sensors
S.H. Roy, G. De Luca, M.S. Cheng, A. Johansson, L.D. Gilmore and C.J. De Luca
Decomposition of Surface EMG Signals
Carlo J. De Luca, Alexander Adam, Robert Wotiz, L. Donald Gilmore and S. Hamid Nawab
A sEMG-based Method for Assessing the Design of Computer Mice

Mina Agarabi, Paolo Bonato and C.J. De Luca
Seats Padded With Gel Reduce The Activity Of Back Muscles During Sitting
C J De Luca and M S Cheng