Product Education

Members of the Delsys Education Team have extensive research experience in the fields of Biomechanics, Gait Analysis and Physiology. Their background and current interests include conducting research in gait labs or research centers in top academic institutions. By incorporating sound research, talent and the “hands-on” experience of performing human and animal investigations in the fields of Neurophysiology, Physical Therapy and Sports Biomechanics, the Delsys Education Team has consistently delivered, as pioneers of the profession. Our knowledgeable education team can help you successfully apply the technology of Delsys Products to match your specific research needs.

The Delsys Education Team have strong clinical backgrounds and cutting edge experience in Engineering and Signal Processing Research. They apply their expertise and unique collaborative techniques to develop the most current and innovative EMG and physiological signal processing tools that will help take you and your research team to the next level.

Michael Chan

Michael Chan
Research Engineer

Paola Contessa, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Joshua C. Kline, Ph.D.
Lead Research Engineer

Steven Lindley, Ph.D.
Delsys European Manager

Jon Nelson, Ph.D., P.T.
Product Education Consultant

Jim Richards, Ph.D.
Advisor to Education Team

Serge Roy, SC.D., P.T.
Director of Research

Todd Shewman 
Sales Manager

Bhawna Shiwani
Research Engineer

Michael Twardowski

Michael Twardowski
Research Assistant