Steven Lindley, Ph.D.

Steven Lindley, Ph.D.

European Manager

Steven has an academic background in Sports and Exercise Science (2008) and Sports Therapy (2010), including 5+ year’s experience in clinical and applied settings.  More recently completing his doctoral work (2015) investigating the neuromuscular, biomechanical and clinical factors within Patellofemoral Pain; explicitly focusing on the motor unit control and joint stability strategies.

Steven’s work with Delsys as the European Manager (Manchester, UK) is not entirely commercially oriented.  By using his biomechanical and neuromuscular background his role in the company has a clear emphasis on education and application support; happily engaging with customers, from undergraduates to professors, about the varied applications of Delsys’s technology.

Research interests and topics include: efficacy of clinical interventions on the motor control system, motor unit behaviour in musculoskeletal and neurological conditions, effectiveness of training modalities in sports performance and application of innovative technology in clinical and applied settings

Recent Publications

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