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Change Log

EMGworks Acquisition
Fixed sensor mismatch false positives
For timed data collection, time now input and displayed as Hours:Minutes:Seconds
Addressed mode control synchronization between Control Utility and Acquisition
Fixed issue causing the sensor status popup to block the right-click ability of Trigno system tray icon
Improved selection behavior for items in Plot and Store sensor list
Made duplicate task functionality slightly more visible to user (right click)
Put Trigno Base Error messages into logs instead of system tray popups
Flex Sensor UI improved
MVC EMG RMS tasks now allows all smart sensor types
In sensor pair confirmation dialog – calibration options now presented only if factory calibration exists in base
Fixed issue with 64th User Defined sensor/channel causing crash
Fixed plot container issue causing blank containers
Fixed labeling of y-axis scale settings
Fixed y-scale defaults for goniometer
Fixed crash on exit when TPM connected
Added label to signal quality check button
Apply All feature added for sensor modes in Control Utility
Full mode descriptions in selector for IM sensors
Default IM mode is for highest ACC range
Added System Beep as a sound option for audio prompting
EMGworks Analysis
Fixed a cause of crash for “Export to Excel”
Fixed issue causing users of 4.2 to experience plotting issues after upgrading to 4.3 (.dat file issue)
Fixed crash occurring when importing a fixed number of rows from text
Accommodate longer channel names in quickview dropdown selector
Improvements to usability of text import dialog\
Updated version numbers in Help>About
Create new plot from plot pane
Add new data from data pane
Shortened channel names in workspace data pane
SDK / TCU / Calibration App
Fixed channel count query bug which was indicating only 3 channels for Analog Adapter sensor
Fixed issue with “ringing” in SDK output with Upsampling enabled
Fixed issue with data stream “pausing” causing loss of data
Improved automatic gain settings for SDK users
Added support to Trigno Trigger Adapter Sensor
Flex sensor modes were mislabeled.
Issue causing unresponsive base after client disconnect fixed
Added logging to SDK operation
Fixed a cause of crash upon Synchronization of TPM Protocols
Fixed issue regarding calibrating sensors using TPM as Base Station
Allows for special characters in protocol naming
Fixed accelerometer scaling issue
Fixed issue causing freeze at end of data collection
Fixed issue when using TPM in datalogger mode with Goniometer
File Utility
Added support for exporting to C3D file format
Major cleanup done for converting CSV to HPF
Improved conversion performance for .MAT output
Added many command line features
Command line option available for merging HPF files