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Training and Professional Development
Delsys provides on-line and on-site training sessions to help you become familiar with the technology and ensure you take advantage of all the benefits that the Delsys Systems and Software provide.

What is provided during the training?
Training can be performed at Delsys, at the customer’s site or remotely via WebEx. A trained Delsys representative with several years of experience in the lab or teaching environment will conduct the session. During the training, we will provide a complete overview of the Delsys Systems and capabilities, including hardware and software. The training is specifically designed to meet the customer’s needs and research field of interest.

How does the remote Web Demo/Training work?
The Web service integrates a conference call, chat and screen sharing that allows the trainer to demonstrate the use of Delsys systems via video sharing in real time. The Web training generally lasts anywhere from 30 minutes – 2 hours. The service is provided at no cost.

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