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Mr. John Chiodini, Software Engineer at Delsys and Altec Inc., will be presenting his M.S. thesis on “Discriminating non-stationary Motor Unit Action Potential shapes in dynamically varying surface EMG signals”.

This talk will describe a transcutaneous nerve stimulation technique that targets major nerve bundles innervating different finger muscles, which can elicit a variety of finger grasp patterns by selectively activating different intrinsic and extrinsic finger muscles. High-density electromyography was used to evaluate the elicited muscle activation patterns (spatial and temporal), in comparison with conventional stimulation approaches.

About Mr. John Chiodini

John ChiodiniMr. John Chiodini has been a member of Delsys and Altec Inc. since 2013. He received a B.S. in Computer Engineering from Boston University (USA), and is currently completing a M.S. in Robotics Engineering at Worcester Polytechnic
Institute (USA). At Delsys and Altec Inc., he develops machine learning and signal processing algorithms to study the neuromuscular system.

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