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Foot orthoses are traditionally aimed at controlling foot position and the design features such as shell material and posting values are assumed to influence relationships between joints such as the foot and ankle. There is mixed evidence for this concept. sEMG has been used to look at how muscle profiles respond to both orthotic and footwear intervention and the theme of the workshop is to look at provisional data that serves as a starting point in understanding the changes in muscle activity in response to orthotic design variables.

The workshop will look at muscle profiles in peroneal longus / vastus medialis and gluteus medius in response to pre fabricated and customised orthoses.

  • Discuss the role that foot posture has on muscle activity profiles.
  • Discuss the challenges in obtaining a normative data set.
  • Propose sEMG as an additional layer of understanding in the orthotic effect on lower limb function.

Mr. Mark Gallagher

Podiatric RX
United Kingdom

Mr. Mark Gallagher

Mr Mark Gallagher will be using the Delsys Trigno™ system, including the new Trigno™ Mini Sensor, to demonstrate the role of sEMG in orthotic management and clinical decision making. Mr Steven Lindley, a Delsys representative shall be joining Mark for the workshop and on hand for any questions.

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