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Dr. Bahar Sharafi, research scientist with the Center for Physical Ergonomics at Liberty Mutual Research institute for Safety (LMRIS), visited Delsys on Thursday December 3rd 2015 to present her work on “The Reactive Control of Balance or: How Do We Not Fall?”

Locomotion in real life often requires corrective responses to maintain stability in the presence of perturbation. These corrective responses become impaired with aging, or following neurological injury. Dr. Sharafi discussed her research on post-stroke deficits in the neuromuscular response to gait perturbation; and on the contribution of different feedforward and feedback-mediated mechanisms to stability while walking on uneven terrain.

Dr. Bahar Sharafi

Research Scientist
Center for Physical Ergonomics

Bahar Sharafi

Dr. Sharafi is a research scientist with the Center for Physical Ergonomics at LMRIS. Prior to joining the Liberty Mutual Research Institute, Dr. Sharafi was a postdoctoral fellow at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University, Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation; and a visiting scholar at the NIH Center for Biomedical Computation at Stanford University. Her research focuses on investigating the mechanics and neural control of balance and locomotion in environments that challenge stability. Her interests include neuromuscular control, muscle mechanics, aging, and neurological injury.

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