There are three methods available for integrating additional external signals to Myomonitor recordings.

1) The preferred method is to use a Delsys Biosignal Sensor, than can connect directly to any available channel Myomonitor. Contact Delsys for custom modifications and/or custom sensors.

2) For situations where an external data acquisition system is available, the Myomonitor Analog Output System can be used to recreate the analog signals and connect these to the acquisition system. This option is typically chosen when the external system and software supports EMG signals, and other dedicated equipment such as motion capture cameras and force plates are needed in the setup.

3) For situations when an external data acquisition system is available, but it cannot support additional analog EMG signals, then the Myomonitor device can synchronize with this A/D card by use of input and output triggers.

Please refer to the technical note TN-301 for in-depth details on Myomonitor data integration and synchronization.