Data Acquisition File Structure
Data Acquisition TESTS consists of one or more SETS, each of which can be executed once, or repeated multiple times. The repetition of a SET is referred to as a “REP”.

  • Files terminating in “*.emt” are the TEST files; these describe all the parameters associated with a TEST.
  • Files terminating in “*.emg” are raw data files acquired during a single “REP” (i.e. repetition) of a SET.

The minimum number of files generated during data acquisition is one file for the TEST parameters (*.emt) and one file for the one repetition of a data SET (*.emg). Multiple repetitions of a SET result in multiple files terminating with *.emg.

Example: A TEST consisting of two SETs, each repeated twice results in the following files:

Data Analysis File Structure
All data analysis is performed within the context of a WORKSPACE. The WORKSPACE is a concept used to track all active data files and plots used during an Analysis session.

  • Files terminating in “*.ewp” are WORKSPACE files.
  • Files terminating in “*.emc” are data sets resulting from performing an EMGworks® calculation. These files can be generated from raw data (*.emg files) or from other calculation outputs (*.emc files).
  • Files terminating in “*.emp” are plot files. Their function is to graph either *.emg files or *.emc files.

Example: A simple workspace that contains an imported TEST, with a single calculation and a single plot would consist of the following files:

Note that the raw TEST data terminates with *.emt and *.emg files. These files are needed by the WORKSPACE, but are generated during Data Acquisition and may not necessarily reside in the same location as the WORKSPACE files.