Dr. Gatica-Rojas

Dr. Valeska Gatica-Rojas

University of Talca, Chile

Brief Listing of Dr. Gatica-Rojas Publications ❯

University of Talca: New Human Motor Control Laboratory to advance research investigations on movement disorders.

Dr. Valeska Gatica-Rojas is a new generation of Chileans biomechanists who are leading various research efforts at the  Human Motor Control Laboratory that focuses on the neurorehabilitation, virtual reality and sports.

Her current research focuses on understanding the neural mechanisms (spasticity) and non-neural (changes in muscle mechanical properties) of balance disorders in patients with cerebral palsy (Phys Ther Sports 2015 and Neural Reg Research 2014). Dr. Gatica-Rojas’s  group incorporates virtual reality as a model to investigate the components of sensorimotor integration responsible for learning motor in neurological patients. Several projects are ongoing at the Institute for measuring the electrical activity of muscles (EMG), brain (EEG) and force platform.

Dr. Gatica-Rojas’s research work is funded by  Research Direction: a direct  initiative at the University of Talca and CONYCIT, Santiago e Chile.

Please visit  New Human Motor Control laboratory  to  learn more about the new lab and her research initiatives.