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Delsys – Wearable Sensors for Movement Sciences2019-04-08T10:15:47-04:00


The first technology to reveal the signals that drive human movement

Neuromuscular networks convey signals between the brain & muscles to enable human movement. These signals are rich with information but challenging to monitor, and have remained hidden from view until now.

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Trigno Avanti Platform

A trusted brand for reliable EMG & Neural Firings recording for research, medical, educational and OEM applications

With built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities, this dual-purpose system enables you to record EMG + movement data from anywhere and at any time. Leveraging these abilities makes the system the optimal indoor/outdoor tool for both advanced research and mobile clinical conditions.


Mobile EMG Suite

Monitor Muscle Performance and Recovery. Anytime. Anywhere.

Ensure high-quality recordings using the real-time signal quality check with EMG Plots. Take your sensor recordings on-the-go with your mobile phone using EMG Logger.

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News & Events

Exciting to be #NCMToy for the 29th NCM meeting with Delsys Japan 🇯🇵. Come by the booth to see our latest Trigno EMG technologies! https://t.co/8sMXRk0RTa delsysinc photo

Brilliant to see @UrsulaBurns on @BGT , maybe the Delsys Trigno EMG helped her ?! #EMG #BGT #TrignoEMG https://t.co/JDgfophaTL
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Delsys @delsysinc
Great to see Trigno in-action with @dr_niamh and @UrsulaBurns (“the most Dangerous Harpist in the World), looked like a fun event! #EMG #Neuromusicology https://t.co/L7pel6hKXA

Wonderful presentation by Professor Masuda at the Asian Symposium on Motor Control in Biomechanics 2019. Fukushima University, Tokyo. https://t.co/R77wCvbUvz delsysinc photo

Dr. William Kraus and his team from @DukeUniversity1 just published their work in the @FrontPhysiol journal on a 10 YEAR legacy study into long-term effects of exercise training programs. Congratulations to Dr. Kraus - check it out here! https://t.co/nX3vNMn9Qg

Huge congratulations to a longtime Delsys user, Dr. Aysegul Gunduz, on her Professorship - what an amazing honor, and clearly well-deserved! #UF #BME #BrainMappingLaboratory #WomenInSTEM https://t.co/0o5erbi112
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Congrats to Dr. Aysegul Gunduz who has been selected to receive a #UF Research Foundation Professorship for 2019-2022! 🙌

The #UFRF professorships were created to recognize faculty who have established a distinguished record of research & scholarship.

#WomenEngineers #UFBME https://t.co/puHzD8NkBz

Asian Symposium on Motor Control in Biomechanics @tokyotech_jp @tokyotech_en

In Honor of Prof. T. Masuda’s retirement from rich academic career at Fukushima University.

Date: April 19, 2019
Register: https://t.co/32J78Nww6I