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Systems Integration

Analog and Digital Solutions for Powering the Biomechanics Field

Delsys systems add significant value to your new or existing lab with their ability to seamlessly integrate and work with a number of commonly used biomechanical equipment and data acquisition platforms.

Trigno™ Systems Integration

Analog Integration

Integrate seamlessly with 3rd party data acquisition systems capable of sampling analog signals in the ±5V range.

Analog reconstruction of the signals detected by all active Trigno™ sensors are provided through the 68-pin SCSI connectors located on the Trigno™ base station. Connect to DAQ equipment using the National Instruments SH68-68-EPM cable or included open-ended A/D cable.

Bagnoli™ System Integration

Digital Integration

Delsys Software Development Kit (SDK) grants access to all of the signals detected by the Trigno™ system

through a USB interface, without the overhead and complexity of analog connections.

Sample SDK applications with documented and re-usable source code are provided for MATLAB®, LabVIEW™, Google® Android™ – based mobile devices, Windows (C# or C), and Linux.

Supported 3rd-party systems utilize native plug-ins or SDK connections to stream data into their respective software.

Delsys SDK


Synchronize your system using the Trigno™ system’s trigger port and the Delsys Trigger Module.

Compatible programs include EMGworks®, Delsys SDK and various 3rd party software.

Trigger Module

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