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Development Kit

The Delsys SDK enables Programmers and Developers to create specialized software for visualizing or processing surface EMG and other physiological data transmitted from Trigno™ Sensors. It provides a convenient digital interface for accessing all of the signals monitored by the Trigno™ system, providing continuous high-accuracy samples in real-time, without the overhead and complexity of analog connections.

Digital Control Application

A license-free server which delivers digital samples over a TCP/IP connection. The control application also allows sensor pairing, monitoring and configuration.

Sample Applications

Five sample applications with documented and re-usable source code are provided for MATLAB®, LabView™, Google®, Android™- Mobile devices, Windows (C# or C), and Linux.

Download Installer 3.1.2

Android Application

This application allows transmitting data from the Trigno™ sensor over TCP/IP on the Android device in real time. Its use requires a PC-connected Trigno™ System.

Live EMG + 3D Acceleration Activity

Sensor Placement & Signal Quality Check

Real-Time Biofeedback

Ease of Interaction with the Subject/Patient

Delsys SDK


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Data Output 16 channels multiplexed EMG samples, 48 channels multiplexed accelerometer samples. Formatted as IEEE 754-1985 single-precision floating point values scaled RTI (big or little endian formatting selectable). Additional data types are available depending on sensor configuration.
Data Connection Local or remote TCP/IP (over wired or wireless network connection), multiple clients supported.
Triggering Selectable start and/or stop trigger inputs.
Sample Rate Fixed, 2000 Hz EMG and 148 Hz accelerometer.