Time flies quickly. The support my colleagues and I have received from the biomechanics community in the past 12 months has been heart-warming. We are grateful.

Our commitment to the biomechanics community continues through ground-breaking work and publications by our R&D Team, support for students & researchers through the De Luca Foundation, and the development of innovative technology to help researchers explore new frontiers.

We look forward to:

  • Release of Trigno™ Avanti Wireless EMG and movement sensor in FALL 2017
  • Release of wireless Trigno™ Quattro in LATE 2017
  • Release of wireless dynamic EMG decomposition sensor and advanced software tools in EARLY 2018
  • Release of wireless Grid sEMG and movement sensors in EARLY 2018

Understanding human movement is a formidable task. We are honored that Delsys instruments are at the center of some of today’s most complex challenges & exciting discoveries.


Devi De Luca
Head- Delsys, Inc. & Altec, Inc.