Mobile EMG Suite

Monitor Muscle Performance and Recovery.

Anytime. Anywhere.

Preview of EMG Grip

Hand Performance Monitor

First Ever Hybrid Technology For Real-time Monitoring of Muscle Forces, Muscle Fatigue, Grip Stability and Grip Strength

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Preview of EMG Plots

EMG Plots

Ensure high-quality recordings using the real-time signal quality check.

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Preview of EMG Reports

EMG Reports

Immediate quantitative reports of muscle activation, performance and coordination.

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Preview of EMG Logger

EMG Logger

Take your sensor recordings on-the-go with your mobile phone.

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Application Examples


  • Recommended Devices
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (for EMG Plots and EMG Reports)
    Samsung Galaxy S10 (for EMG Logger)

  • Android 6.0 and above

  • Bluetooth 4.1 and above

  • Up to 4 sensors per device

  • Sampling rates
    EMG (raw): (up to) 2000 Hz
    EMG (RMS): 333.3 Hz (125 ms Window Width, 122 ms Window Overlap)
    ACC: 133.3 Hz
    Gyro: 133.3 Hz
    Orientation (Quaternion or PRY): 66.7 Hz

  • Works with all Avanti-style sensors