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EMG + Handheld Dynamometer

Combine force/grip strength from JAMAR and motor coordination measurements from Trigno™ Avanti EMG Sensors. Obtain a complete picture of strength performance.

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Preview of EMG Force

Combine EMG and force gauge feedback

Multi-trial recording with optional data logging

Bluetooth connectivity with force measurement and EMG devices

Maximum EMG and force value display for targeted training

Multi-muscle and force feedback for coactivation, imbalance assessments, and re-training

Preview of EMG Grip

Trial summaries with PDF reports

Trial summaries with PDF reports

Compatible with JAMAR Hand Dynamometer

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  • Recommended Devices
    Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e (for Avanti App and Summary App)
    Samsung Galaxy J7 (for Data Log App)

  • Android 6.0 and above

  • Bluetooth 4.1 and above

  • Up to 4 sensors per device

  • Sampling rates
    EMG (RMS): 333.3 Hz (125 ms Window Width, 122 ms Window Overlap)

  • Works with all Avanti-style sensors