NeuroMap System

Biomarkers of Musculoskeletal Function: Myopathic Disease

Objective: Investigate the use of Galileo to non-invasively extract clinically relevant motor unit information from patients affected by myopathic diseases.

This non-invasive measure would provide a non-invasive format for motor unit-based biomarker assessment of disease progression.

Biomarkers of Musculoskeletal Function
Control and Myopathy


The First Dorsal Interosseous muscle of the hand was studied during at low (10% max) and high (80% max) force contractions. The Galileo system successfully identified action potential shapes and firing instances of individual motor units that could not otherwise be reliably discerned by eye from the complex sEMG interference patterns.

MUAP Amplitude


Significant alterations were observed in myopathy, with a reduced range of MUAP amplitudes consistent with the progressive loss of muscle fibers that is characteristic of myopathic diseases.