NeuroMap System

Neuro-Muscular Coordination Dynamics in Gait

Objective: Investigate muscle co-activation and firing properties at the motor unit level during different phases of gait.

The understanding of the contribution of different muscles and their control characteristics is critical for the assessment of balance and gait in health and disease.

Neuro-Muscular Coordination Dynamics


Galileo sensors were placed over muscles of the lower limb, such as the Vastus Lateralis and Tibialis Anterior shown below, in conjunction with Avanti IMU sensor on the shank to measure the phases of gait phases in a completely mobile setup.



The toe-off, swing, and heel strike phases of gait marked (pink, blue, yellow, respectively on the left side) were identified based on IMU data. The varying patterns of motor unit firing activation revealed the modulation in muscle control during different phases of gait.