NeuroMap System

NeuroMap System

Discover the Blueprint behind Human Movement

NeuroMap System is the first-ever scientific instrument to measure neural firing data, muscle activation, and kinematic for an integrated approach to human movement.

Trigno™ Galileo System

Non-invasive EMG sensor

Quality neural information

Kinematic data

Compatible with Trigno™ Wireless System

EMGworks® Acquisition + Galileo Analytics

API + 3rd Party Systems Integration

Trigno™ Galileo Sensor

A small unobtrusive sensor design with advanced noise-free wireless protocol transmission to seamlessly obtain high-quality sEMG signals and motor unit data.

Trigno™ Galileo Sensor

Build on our 4-pin mini-grid sensor technology for extracting motor unit data from surface EMG.


27 x 37 x 13 mm
Sensor Mass
14 g
EMG Contact Dimensions
5 mm
Contact Material
99.99% silver
Temperature Range
5–45 degrees Celsius
RF Frequency Band
2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)
EMG Signal Input Range
EMG Signal Bandwidth
20–450 Hz
EMG Sampling Rate
1926 Hz
Accelerometer Range
±2g, ±4g, ±8g, ±16g
Accelerometer Bandwidth
148 Hz
Gyroscope Range
±250 dps, ±500 dps, ±1000dps, ±2000dps
Gyroscope Bandwidth
148 Hz
Magnetometer Range
Magnetometer Bandwidth
Inter-Sensor Delay
< 1 sample period
Intra-Channel Delay
< 1–2 sample period
40 meters
Battery Life
~2 hrs
Recharge Time
2.5 hours
Software Compatibility
EMGworks, API, Galileo Analytics, Galileo Apps
Analog outputs, Digital & API Supported
Trigno™ Galileo System

Trigno™ Base Station

NeuroMap system leverages the fully-featured Wireless Trigno™ System, a high-performing device designed to deliver high-quality signals through noise-free wireless transmission protocol.

The acquisition system is capable of streaming data digitally into EMGworks® or 3rd party software, or via analog channels for integration with motion capture and other 3rd party data acquisition systems. Full triggering features further expand the possibility for integration with additional measurement technologies.

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NeuroMap system is fully compatible with our line of research products to offer researchers a full set of physiological and biomechanical monitoring tools designed to simplify complex research and provide more useful data.

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