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Reveal the Neural Control of Muscles

Why Research Muscle Control?

Nearly all functional tasks in day-to-day life depend on a person’s ability to generate force. For example, when they are healthy muscles enable people to eat, breathe and move. But when they malfunction, the result is decreased strength that cripples millions of people worldwide. If exercised, their performance can improve. Yet the way that we control our muscles remains poorly understood…until now.

Introducing Delsys dEMG

A refined system for the sophisticated EMG user

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“The Advantage of Delsys dEMG”

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What is dEMG?

Transform surface EMG signals to Motoneuron Firing Behavior

The dEMG System is specially designed to record the motor unit action potentials in the surface EMG signal. The system applies sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to extract these action potentials from the sEMG signal in a process referred to as EMG decomposition, dEMG. The end result provides a window into the neural activity that regulates muscle contractions.

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Why use dEMG?

The dEMG System comes complete with dEMG Analysis to help you visualize motoneuron firing behavior, analyze trends across various experimental conditions and generate publication-quality figures. Use dEMG to advance the frontier of research in the movement sciences.

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About the dEMG Analysis Software

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