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System Requirements

Minimum Recommended
Operating System
64-bit Windows Vista 64-bit Windows 7
2 GHz Dual Core 3 GHz Quad Core (Intel® i7)
4 GB 8 GB
Hard Drive
250 GB 1 TB
Monitor Resolution
1280 x 1024 1920 x 1200
Graphic Card
256 MB of VRAM 1 GB of VRAM
Windows Experience Index
4.0 5.5



Array Sensor
Inter-Electrode Spacing 5 mm
Case Dimension 41 x 20 x 5 mm
Number of Channels 4 single differential EMG channels
Cable Length 1.67 m
Case Material Polycarbonate plastic
Input Module
Dimensions 89 x 83 x 32 mm
Weight 100 g
Cable Length 7.62 m (up to 15 m)
Cable Diameter 6.5 mm
Bagnoli™ Amplifier
Number of Channels 16 analog
dEMG Sampling Rate 20 kHz
dEMG Amplification 1000 ± 1%
Overall Amplification per Channel 0, 100, 1000, 10000, Custom (AUX setting)
Max Output Voltage Range ± 5 V
Channel Frequency Response 20±5 to 450±50 Hz, 80 dB/decade
System Noise (R.T.I.) ≤ 1.2 µV (rms)
Channel Output Isolation 3750 V (rms) for the specified bandwidth
Output Signal Connectors 16 BNC connectors
68-pin 0.05’’ pitch high-density D-Sub male
Signal Quality Check Line Frequency Interference (50 or 60 Hz)
Channel Saturation Check (± 4.8 V threshold)
Signal Quality Warnings Yellow LED
Selectable Audio Buzzer
Operating Temperature 15° C to 40° C
Case Dimensions 406 mm x 152 mm x 70 mm
Weight 2.1 kg
Power Requirements 2500 mW (± 6 V)


Signal Quality Check Integrated, automatic
Method of Motor Unit Measurement Non-invasive
Supported Force Range >0% – 80% Maximal Voluntary Contraction
Supported Force Rate 5%-20% MVC/s
Supported Constant-Force Duration 10-52 s
Supported dEMG Sensors Up to 2
Supported sEMG or Auxiliary Sensors Up to 8
Supported Feedback Mode Force or EMG Root-Mean-Square Biofeedback
Minimum sEMG Signal-to-Noise Ratio 3:1
Minimum Begin and End Baseline Duration 3 s
Motor Unit Data Visualization MU action potential shapes
MU firing instances
Decomposition accuracy
MU firing rates
Statistical Analysis Inter-pulse intervals
Firing normality
Firing stationarity
Regression Analysis Firing rates
Recruitment thresholds
Inter-pulse intervals
Compliance Check Integrated, automatic
Data Visualization Up to 20 data sets at a time
Data Export Text Files