Trigno™ Sensors & Other Options

Specifically designed to address the challenges of EMG studies, Trigno™ sensors offer researchers a full set of physiological and biomechanical monitoring tools designed to simplify complex research and provide more useful data.

Trigno Avanti Sensor

Trigno™ Avanti Sensor

The next generation wireless sensor from Delsys, packs more technology than ever before while being our smallest sensor to date.

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Trigno Mini Sensor

Trigno™ Mini Sensor

For recording surface EMG on small and “difficult-to-isolate” muscles

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Trigno Snap Lead

Trigno™ Snap-Lead Sensor

Connect to industry-standard pinch electrodes, for a more “traditional” approach to sEMG detection

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Trigno EKG Biofeedback Sensor

Trigno™ EKG Biofeedback Sensor

Easily add EKG signal recording to your physiological measurements

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Trigno Trigger Adapter

Trigno™ Trigger Adapter

Universal adapter tuned to record events and expand synchronization options

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Trigno Load Cell Adapter

Trigno™ Load Cell Adapter

Accurately measure force

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Trigno FSR Sensor

Trigno™ FSR Adapter

Designed to provide relative pressure information of body-contact surfaces

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Trigno Analog Adapter

Trigno™ ±5V Analog Adapter

Integrate analog outputs from third-party equipment

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Trigno Goniometer Adapter

Trigno™ Biaxial Goniometer Adapter

Accurately measure joint angles

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Trigno Custom Solution

Trigno™ Spring Contact Sensor

For indwelling EMG recording

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