Trigno™ IM

Smallest, commercially-available EMG + IMU sensor

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Designed to go beyond your expectation


Un-obstructive sensor design for low maintenance and high durability

Synchronous (EMG and IMU) recording of 32 sensors to satisfy rigid data integrity and accuracy

Proprietary Wi-Fi transmission protocol for guaranteed 40 m range

Ultrasonically sealed sensors for safety

Patented parallel-bar sensing technology for reliable EMG recording


Real-time display of EMG + IM data in EMGworks®, along with built-in analysis tools

TCP/IP socket for real-time streaming to external application, such as MatLab and LabView

Multiple data output formats for use with 3rd party applications

Seamless integration with external devices and software platforms for expanded collection capabilities

EMGscript™ for post-processing EMG + raw IMU data in EMGworks®


Contoured design for enhanced EMG detection and skin adhesion

Intuitive sensor-software interface to setup and record within minutes

8 hr battery life and compact size, ideal for everyday research

1cm sensor spacing designed to reduce crosstalk and artifacts


Designed for Scalability

Software Solutions

Software Solutions

The MotionMonitor

Visualize and capture kinematics, EMG data, and reference video within a single software interface.

Biomechanically-based skeletal model presents results in the sagittal, transverse and frontal planes.

Skeletal model with user-defined scaling to account for anthropometric differences between subjects.

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Visualize EMG and IMU data all within a single interface

Create processing pipelines for quick and powerful signal analysis

Generate high-quality, custom biomechanical reports

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Collect synchronous EMG + IMU data from each Trigno™ IM Sensor

Full suite of predefined EMG processing tools and visualization of raw or processed data

Intuitive hardware-software design for quick, user-friendly setup

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Real-time digital interface streams Trigno™ IM Sensor data over a TCP/IP connection

Calibrate Trigno™ IM Sensors to apply orientation filter

Sample applications include: MATLAB, Android, Windows (C# or C) and Linux

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Systems Integration

Digital Solutions for Powering the Biomechanics Field

Trigno™ Wireless Systems add significant value to your new or existing lab with their ability to seamlessly integrate and work with a number of commonly used biomechanical equipment and data acquisition platforms.

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Typical Operating Range 1 20 m
RF Frequency Band 2400-2483 MHz (ISM band)
Power Consumption (<)0.130 W
Effective Radiated Power 9 mW
RF Protocol Proprietary
Enclosure Dimension (sensor) 27 x 37 x 15 mm
Full-charge Operation Time 2 (>)6 hours (typical)
Recharge Time 3 2.5 hours
Auto Shut-down timer 300 seconds
Temperature Range 4 5 – 40 degrees Celsius
Channels: EMG Accelerometer Gyroscope Magnetometer
Signal Range 11 mV (r.t.i) 5 ±2g
±250 deg/s
±500 deg/s
±1000 deg/s
±2000 deg/s
±1000 uT
Bandwidth 20 ± 5 Hz, >40 dB/dec
450 ± 50 Hz, >80 dB/dec
Sampling Period 900 usec 6.75 msec/axis 6.75 msec/axis 13.5 msec/axis
Resolution Depth 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits 16 bits
The Trigno™ Wireless EMG Systems are battery-powered biofeedback devices that enable researchers and clinicians to acquire EMG and related signals from subjects for biofeedback purposes. They are intended for relaxation training and muscle reeducation. Interpretation of the EMG and supporting signals by a qualified individual is required.

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